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Lead Clients to Effective Problem Solution

"Trinify has direct business with major large IT vendors that have annual sales of over 300 billion yen and over 4,000 employees.  Our strength as Oracle EBS Technology Partner is to propose best-fit business process solution to each client from information system implementation viewpoints.  Our service ranges from business needs hearing to implementation project management, where you can explore a lot of different type of work.

Trinify is a team of brilliant minds to work together with clients for problem solving. Here are plenty of consulting opportunities to lead client satisfaction waiting for you! We invite you exploring them and making a difference to your life.

What makes you feel better in Trinify's consulting business?

Developing your skills opportunities through real IT consulting world

You can learn consulting skills through your hands on experience, that enables to work as an IT consultant.

Exciting workplace! More and more to learn from your peers!

Our experience of numbers of projects brought highly skilled, knowledgeable consulting resources, and technical competencies such as ORACLE Master Platinum, Gold and Silver . By working together with them, you can learn more about IT consulting, business processes, corporate objectives and strategies, and more!
We offer exciting opportunities to learn skills and know-hows from peers.

Trinify provides consistent IT consulting services to propose IT solutions aligning corporate vision, and deliver the solution through system design, implementation with latest development methodology and management techniques in addition to technical and business knowledge.

Together with Trinify's President with a several years of work experience with a large IT firm, other business experience rich IT consultants support leading clients business growth.

Your can leverage your system development project experience and knowledge to wide range of consulting areas, such as business process analysis, requirement definition, system design, system development and operation. We encourage you to be exposed to each project phases for your further career enhancement to be an IT consultant.

Voices of Trinify's Staff

Trinify's senior staff offers business and technical tips and basics for new comers to grow.

Here is the comments of one of the staff who enhanced his career from system product development to be an IT consultant.

"I can get my peer's support for technical know-how that is helpful in real world consulting, in addition to the off-site seminar participation."

New comers will take Oracle Master certificates within 3 months to ensure solid understanding of technical base. All of our peers support you to get the certficates.

Why don't you join us? Take a giant step forward to IT consulting job based on your current skills and knowledge. Or look for opportunities to capture client's business needs and provide the solution to solve their problems. We can make it happen with your passion and technical know-how.

The other comments from the staff who has been climbing his career ladder at Trinify, from financial service software & mobile phone contents development to Trinify's IT consultancy.

"As accumulated my system related knowledge through system's detail design and development in my previous career, I was very keen to conduct higher level system requirements identification and overall system designing. I have decided to join Trinify that could provide IT consulting covering entire information systems and project management job. This contributed my career building so much!"

"Here at Trinify, I can leverage my database knowledge earned through obtaining Oracle Master Platinum certificate. Most importantly, Trinify's senior staff supported me to be able to lead a project team while learning business processes, although it was my first experience.

A new staff joined Trinify to become an IT consultant, and his background was electronic appliances technical maintenance.

"I found myself loving PC's in school days, and self studied programming even thinking of becoming a software development engineer." Because he loves talking to people, rather than engineers he desired to be an IT consultant who directly interact with end users and derive their needs, feedback, and propose improvement solutions to them.

"I did not have any single consulting job experience and very few software development work. However Ms. Ura, President of Trinify impressed me at job interview that she wants a staff being able to grow over 5-10 years working with Trinify, and she will give me continuous support to develop my career and catch up with other experienced staff.

Trinify has a number of veterans with years of IT experiences, I can ask any type of questions at in-house monthly meeting, share and hear status and findings with them. This gives me a big support when I go and meet clients, indeed raised my confidence level. Right after joining Trinify, I was assigned a system implementation project at client site where I could enjoy communicating with end users. I am sure Trinify gives you whatever opportunities you want.